Land/Trans Reports

 We produce a Real Estate Report for Montgomery County. This report is called Land-Trans and published monthly with selected real estate transactions from the first to the last day of every month. It includes all Deeds 2.5 acres or more regardless of location and under 2.5 acres in size if they are identified as Commercial transactions. The Land/Trans Reports are usually available around the 11th of the following month that is being reported.

The Land-Trans Reports retail for $42.60 monthly, with a semi-annual subscription orders. Semi-annual subscriptions pay for 5 months only and receive the 6th month report free. Annual subscriptions pay for 10 reports and receive 2 complimentary reports. Please call 800-781-5563 for more retails.

The following items are included:

  • Map Index
  • Item # and Page Location
  • Grantor’s Name
  • Grantee’s Name and Address
  • Deed and File Numbers
  • Date Instrument Signed
  • Date Instrument Recorded
  • Tract Size
  • Liens (if any)
  • Type of Instrument
  • Brief Property Description